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66fit Trigger Point Roller Kit

SKU: 66fittpkit
Brand: 66Fit
Includes 2 massage balls of varying hardness and a smaller foot roller More details...
Price: 45.00
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66fit Trigger Point Roller Kit
66fit Trigger Point Roller Kit
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Product Details
The 66fit Trigger Point Therapy Roller Kit - is a must for anyone who wishes to have a complete kit that will fit inside your gym bag or suitcase, and is easily transportable and lightweight
The roller has a hollow centre with screw caps at either end, so you can either store the additional accessories that are included with the kit, or you can remove them and put a towel or water bottle inside
Using the mini roller - you can target areas such as the feet and forearms and shoulders
The soft and firm trigger point acupressure balls are ideal for targeting calf muscles, lower and upper back, shoulders and neck
The Multi-textured roller has 2 types of surface specially designed for targeting specific trigger points, pin point the trigger point with the pyramid surface, and then gently roll it out using the finger tipped surface

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